Should You Put Traveling After College Before Your Career?

Some people will tell you that traveling after you graduate from college is an absolute must. Others will tell you that your time is probably better spent settling down in a career, finding a spouse, and starting a family. Travel, they say, can wait.

While both of these points make coherent arguments, the latter ignores the fact that you have just spent the last four years of your life in the same place, working your butt off to earn your degree. So regardless of if you graduated from USC or UC Santa Barbara, you have been working hard and undoubtedly deserve some relaxation time.

If all that isn’t enough to convince you, consider your vacation as mandatory. View it as the logical conclusion to your academic achievement; far from a detriment, it’s simply the next step after graduation. So repeat after me, I will put travel before career.

If Your Goal Is a Career, Traveling Can Help

These days, employers are looking for employees with worldly knowledge and experience, who can interface with international clients. No matter how many books you’ve read, if you’ve only been in one place your whole life, there is literally an entire world waiting out there for you, it’s time to step out and embrace it.

You Can Likely Still Get Student Discounts

If you travel as close to your graduation as possible, you can still likely get away with receiving significant discounts with your student identity card before it expires. This means you can save big when it comes to things like hotels, airfare, and transportation. Though if you are on a budget you should probably be a little more tactical about how much you spend on those three things as well. Additionally, your student ID card will enable you to get discounts at thousands of locations worldwide.

Travel Now, Work Later

Believe me, traveling when you are old is hard. Your body just doesn’t work like it used to. The best way to avoid this is also the most obvious: travel while you are young. Also, traveling while you are young means that you get to work through life with all that worldly experience under your belt, rather than trying to take it all in when you’re much older.

Traveling Experience Is Essential In Today’s Business Culture

As the world becomes more and more market-based, it is simultaneously becoming more and more globalized. As such, employers and hiring managers are on the lookout for employees who are especially well-suited to handling international clients. Obviously, traveling can help you out with this. Besides interfacing more effectively with international clients, you will also be able to relate to some of the well-traveled entrepreneurs you could potentially be dealing with.