Must-Visit Markets in Kolkata for the Ultimate Shopping Experience

All eminence to its vying cost of existence, Kolkata is popular for eventually being one of the reasonable places in India. Although, it is only normal that shopping in this place would be the most relevant thing to execute. Its strategic location as a remarkable trade arena and metro in the east, combined with its metropolitan stature, has exclusively made it a fruitful haven for shop owners, international retail brands and traders to ply their business here. So with the vying prices Indigo booking, you can come and shop around here without losing the bank.

As a regular shopper, you are inclined to be surprised by the wide range of products, commodities and consumer durables accessible in the respective malls and markets of the city. Below mentioned are the top Kolkata shopping spots you can exclusively relish!

College Street Market

This place is one of the best spots for the one who loves reading books. It is eventually stretched out on about a kilometer and half road amid Mahatma Gandhi road and Ganesh Chandra Avenue. A number of bookstores are exclusively lined on both the sides of the street providing it the term “Boi Para”. Several popular Bengali publishing residences are also stationed there. The one like reading books can get here prime edition books in regional and Indian languages to books from across the planet particularly Russia and Europe at vying amounts. This place is surely one of the most famous regional markets in Kolkata.

Mallikghat Flower Market

This amazing market of the flower is stationed nearby Howrah Bridge due to which it is popular among the domestic people in the form of Howrah phool bazaar. Beautiful Flowers from around the country are exclusively brought here and then eventually sold to the domestic residents, it is importantly a wholesale bazaar but several people can also purchase according to their requests. Capturing images is prohibited strictly in this place of flowers. The active lanes of the flower market with tea vendor, several people bargaining over prices and boats bringing the products make you acknowledge what makes Kolkata. This beautiful flower market is one of the most popular places to shop around.

Hatibagan Market

This place is the popular pet market stationed at the northern segment of the city. It is popular for as distinct forms of birds and other animals could be available here very easily. The miserable fire of 2012 wrecked few part of the market but still, it exclusively attains its past embellishments as the most popular market in Kolkata for pet purchasing. At this place, one can also find amazing cotton saris and Kolkata silk at vying prices. If eventually, you are a movie follower, you can exclusively experience latest regional and Bollywood films in its plexes at affordable prices.

Burrabazar Market

Burrabazar market is stationed near the Mahatma Gandhi Metro station and is exclusively one of the oldest markets of Kolkata. Burrabazar is eventually one of the colossal wholesale arenas of textile in India. Whatever you require, you can exclusively get it here from artificial jewelry to electronic goods. There are several subcategories of the Burrabazar market specifically Fancypatti, Tullapatti, Dhotipatti, and Chinipatti. There are several katras and chowks which have prevailed from the medieval time frame of India. This place is surely one of the most famous wholesale markets for clothes in Kolkata.

New Market

The new market has been in life since the provincial period. You can attain anything you desire from trendy contemporary shoes to electronic gadgets to clothes. You can eventually attain popular and rare food stuff such as distinct forms of cheeses. There are eventually more than fifteen hundred stalls in the new market exclusively divided on the regards of the products they sell. You can negotiate and select from these clusters as per to your needs. In Kolkata this place is surely one of the most famous flea markets.

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