5 Tips to Help Avoid Losing Your Luggage

Whenever you find yourself traveling on holiday, one of the constant fears is losing the luggage. There’s nothing that can spoil fun travel plans faster than having all of your clothes, toiletries, and other supplies suddenly gone because you made it but your luggage didn’t. While you can’t guarantee your luggage will always make it with you, there are several things you can do to make sure you have all your luggage with you before, during, and after that campervan hire.

Tip #1: Show up early before travel

When you show up at the last minute before getting on a flight to your next destination it can feel like stressful chaos – and it is for everyone else involved, too. Studies into missing luggage have shown clearly that the later you arrive, the more likely you are to end up separated from your bags. Showing up early instead of rushing for your gate at the last minute is a great way to help tip the odds in your favour that you and your luggage arrive at the same time.

Tip #2: Focus on carry-on friendly bags

This tip is more important than ever if any part of your holiday involves air travel. You have a lot more control over your carry-on bags than you do checked luggage. Even if you end up bumped off a flight after boarding, you take your carry-on bags off the plane with you.

Anything you absolutely can’t afford to lose shouldn’t be on checked luggage, it should be on an airline approved carry-on bag that you know you’ll have full access to.

Tip #3: Practice efficient downsizing

Efficient downsizing when packing for your next holiday is a skill that is great to have no matter what type of traveling you plan on doing. Don’t just throw together ten different bags but really work on figuring out which bags should carry what items and getting it down to as few suitcases or duffel bags (within reason) as possible.

This will help you avoid over-packing, give yourself more room since your bags will take up less space, and leave you less bags to keep track of while traveling from one spot to another. These are all good things and this practice helps make sure you’ll be all set after taking care of the campervan hire.

Tip #4: Make a checklist

There’s no question that being organized makes a difference. If you have a checklist of every single bag, suitcase, briefcase, duffel bag, purse, or other luggage then every time you’re ready to go from one place to another you can stack them all in one place, go down the checklist, and know immediately if you’re missing something. The sooner a potential missing bag is spotted, the more likely you are to recover it quickly.

Tip #5: Have luggage that stands out

One way of helping to keep your luggage is to make it stick out. Have clear tags that identify you, and don’t go with a matching 5 piece set that everyone and their grandparents have. Look for a unique look or style that sticks out, doesn’t blend in, and along with the tags should help you avoid any potential mix-ups during a busy travel season and make it more likely all your bags stay with you on your adventures.

When you’re ready to go out on a well-earned holiday, follow these tips to help make sure all your luggage is with when you take care of the campervan hire and enjoy your new adventures!