Special Instructions About Travel Clocks

Travel clocks are small digital clocks which you can carry along with you anywhere you want. These clocks run on small batteries and are very small in size. They have various options including settings for musical alarms. They also feature LCD displays where you can check the time and date. Some of these also feature vibrating and snooze options.

Power source

Different types of travel clocks have different sources of power. Some are battery powered, while others include cords that are required to be plugged in. Battery powered alarm clocks require alkaline batteries. They usually require small batteries because they themselves are very small. These small batteries are found in watch stores or any other departmental store. It is very necessary to make sure before you leave for any trip, that your clock has a working power source.

Changing the time

If you are traveling from one time zone to another it is essential that you change the clock time and also the date to your current time zone. Some clocks feature a time or an hour button which you have to press to activate the alarm time change.

Setting AM/PM

It is very important that you set the AM/PM option accurately. Make sure that the LCD display of your clock indicates the correct AM or PM option. If you jumble up this setting then the alarm wouldn’t go off in the morning; it will rather go off in the evening.

Setting alarm time

Find the switch that reads alarm, if you want to reset your alarm time. Move this switch along the alarm setting. Some clocks are provided with buttons in stead of switches, in such cases hold down the button till the time starts flashing and release it when you reach the desired alarm time.

Turn alarm on

Next you must recheck whether you have set the correct alarm time. If your LCD display does not indicate a picture of a bell somewhere then the alarm is not set on. In such cases, check your settings again. If still the picture does not appear then look for an alarm on/off button and move it to the correct position to set the alarm on.

Music options

Not all travel clocks have the alarm wake-up option. If you have one that has this option then you can easily use it to choose the buzzer options. Some alarm clocks have musical options too.