Some Neat Information About Travel Mugs

As a company, one thing you will probably do for your customers is give them gifts when they shop with you. One of the best gifts that you can give to your customers is travel mugs. Travel reusable mugs are great because they are used extensively by customers and they do not stay in the home. Rather than sit in the cupboard, the mugs will go with customers to work where your company name and logo will be advertised to others on the travel mug. This makes travel reusable mugs one of the best ways to market your company, but there are plenty of things that people do not know about these amazing drink containers.

First, nearly all mugs are about 350 ML or seven fluid ounces. This means they hold about the same amount of liquid as is in soda cans. Some mugs are bigger than others, and there are literally dozens of sizes of mugs that you can choose from to help advertise your company. Some customers like big mugs, some customers like small mugs, so try and have different sizes for your customers to choose from.

The travel mug works by keeping drinks warm. When people go to work, they put their coffee in the mug because the coffee will stay warmer much longer and that is important on long commutes. Travel mugs will have thick walls that will insulate the coffee and keep it from warming too fast. As well, if you have cool ice tea in the mug, it will stay cold longer thanks to these thick walls. The bottom of a travel mug is also not flat and instead has an extra rim and a concave form because this will limit the contact with the surface the mug sits on, which again keeps the drink warm or cold, depending on what you have in there.

The handle of a mug is also away from the mug to ensure that your hands do not touch the reusable mug, which could burn you. In addition, your hands do not rest on the mug because they would warm the contents inside, which you may not want to do if you have a cool drink inside.

The travel mug itself was invented in the 1980s and it sometimes uses a vacuum flask, so that the drink stays warm or cold. As well, the mug always has a lid to prevent anything from being spilled while the person is driving.

Now you know all you need to about reusable mugs so you can choose a great travel mug for your customers.