All About Travel Printers

Laptops and smart phones such as BlackBerry have made our lives easy. It is now possible to stay connected to the internet wherever we are. If we can send and receive emails from our cell phone and browse the web too; if we can check the nearest points of attractions like hotels and theaters when we are on the road. Then we should be able to print the maps and the theater tickets too when on the road. And to do so all you need is a travel printer along with you.

Have you ever printed coupons and then left them at home? I bet you have. That’s why you have a travel printer. We always imagine printers to be big which are next to our home PC or in our office that take up a lot of space. But they are ordinary printers. A printer for traveling is compact and cordless; so you can carry it with you and remove prints whether you are in the car or at a store.

Before you buy one you should compare them! There are many key things to be compared like the quality of the printer, resolution, speed, quality of the prints, the number of pages it can print from 1 cartridge. If you plan to carry it along with you also check the weight as some weigh 10lbs. Opt for something less than 5lbs unless you will just be keeping it in the car!

Not all travel printers will be wireless. But wireless printers will drain the battery quickly. See if you need one that will work for long hours or something that is easy to use. All plug-in printers will be accompanied with car adapters.

Printers for travel are now making way in homes too. It is used as a replacement to the bulky printers or just as an addition for the homes that print often. So when there is no power you can still print. It even comes in handy when the traditional printer jams or you run out of ink!

Day by day technology is improving and older products are being enhanced. And printers are no exception. With the advancement in technology there are many portable printers available on the market.

Initially they were expensive but then even the prices came down and now some cost as low as $100 or even below! They are actually around the same price as normal printers now or maybe just a few dollars more. It all depends on whether you require a travel printer or not.