What Mum Didn’t Tell You About Traveling By Bus In China

I am writing this right in the middle of the journey. 11:30 today we got on a bus from Chengdu to Xiamen. The traveling time is suppose to be 26 hours, but as with most things in China, I will remain skeptic until I see the mission accomplished. The distance by the way, is around 1000 Miles, or 1600 Km. The price of the ticket is 500 RMB.

My preferred choice of travel is by Air, however after missing our flight this morning, this is now actually the fastest way for us to get back.

The bus, which does have, what appears to be a Greyhound logo on the side of it, or something similar, is not the Greyhound you are thinking of. It is similar in size as to a normal bus but on the inside it is a whole other experience. It very cool, rebuilt for long distance traveling. There are 3 double rows of beds, one on each side with one in the middle. There are 36 beds in total.

Before I was getting on the bus today, my wife tried to explain the setup to me, but she actually made it sounds worse then it really is. The beds, or bunks are small but comfortable. Each one suitable for an slightly above normal size Chinese person, so I am doing ok. Each bed has linen and a cover, last wash date is unknown. The shape of the beds are something like a lounge chair and therefore any additional need for a pillow is unnecessary.

We just had our first stop after about 7 hours. The setup was like a run down high school cafeteria from the 60s. There was a place you could get some food and some other snack-like things I would not be able to name even if I tried.

Foreigners are not common here and I had a group come up and ask me for photos and some handshakes. A couple of ladies from the bus noticed us and once we got back on the bus they moved a couple of beds closer to the front where we were. I guess it will be something to tell their friends later.

My wife and I have the 2 out of the 3 beds towards the front on the upper level, looking down at the driver and with a great view.

The best part have been the scenery and the comfortable beds. I have slept about 15 hours and according to my wife these buses are hardly ever full, so if you want to move around and try another bed to be more comfortable, you must likely can.

The drivers, which by the way were 3 guys taking turns, were nice and polite and during our last stop they invited us for lunch. During this, what turned out to be 28 hour, instead of 26 hour journey there were 3 stops. The bathroom on board the bus was in decent shape. Chinese descent that is. All in all this was an interesting, in a good way, experience.

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Things To Know About Travel Miles

Airline points are all the rage nowadays specially for people who love to travel or travel to loads of places due to one reason or another. However, if you still haven’t caught up with this trend, don’t worry. This article is all anyone needs to be well informed and stay up to date with the latest trend of Airline points that is going around the world. All around the world people call them different things – some may call them frequent flyers or others may refer to them as travel points – no matter what you decide to call them you have to admit that they are an added advantage to your travels. Here are the things you need to know about them.

1. What is an airline mile?
Airline points are something that you get every time you travel on the same airline or using the same flying programme. To be honest these miles are nothing short of a blessing in disguise. They provide you with ample opportunities that were never there before. You can trade them, buy them, sell them or even just let them be. That is something completely up to you. And the greatest thing of all is that airlines are not the only ones that give you these things. You can get these from credit card companies or from other buyers or sellers. It has never been this easy to sell miles.

2. How do I get miles?
Well the answer to this is very simple. To earn airline miles all you have to do is travel. However, if you’re looking for a faster way then we suggest that you look into mile dealers who provide you with the best of deals when it comes to airline scores. Sometimes banks and credit card companies also have offers where you can earn a specific amount of miles per each amount you spend on that credit card. Other than this there are tons of other ways to acquire miles but you’ll have to dig in and do some research for that.

3. How can I use the miles that I have?
The miles that you have are like a secret treasure. Only you can control what you do with them. You can contact your airline and ask them to give you upgrades on your flight tickets. For example you can get an upgrade on your economy class ticket and get one in business class in exchange for miles. In some cases you can sell your miles and earn money sitting at home. How cool is that!

What Families Should Know About Traveling?

Embarking on a holiday trip, out of town, and country tour is one of the most awaiting experiences a family longs for. But before deciding to go on board, there are lots of things you should consider first in preparing for the said moment.

You might not want to encounter unpleasant moments during your outdoors stay especially that this family bond might happen rarely.

Pre-travel Planning

The very first thing you should consider when going out for a trip is to pack things thoroughly. Packing is more than just your body lotions and clothes. There are more important matters to consider.

Have your fully charged mobile phone and charger listed along with other things you will bring. This will enable you to contact friends and relatives during your travel.

Before you leave, make sure that your relatives, neighbors, and friends know where you are and where you will be going. Give them some lists of your contact numbers wherever you are staying.

Let them know that you will make a call in case you have reached your destination. Always keep them in touch with you.

Bring along with you some important contact numbers that you might think can help you in assistance during your outdoor travel. They include hospital, transportation services and legal firm hotlines that you can find in telephone directory book. Better list them in a tickler note.

You should also make sure that you have packed some important documents needed in your outdoor trip. If your destination would be out of the country, then packed in a separate carrier your visa, passport and other overseas-related documents.

When it comes to money, you do not need to bring lots of cash with you. You can use one to two credit cards in your tour. This will eliminate cumbersome wallet when you need to access payments.

Better list along with your contact tickler the telephone numbers of your credit card issuers for some purposes. However, there are some circumstances in which you make use of cash instead of credit cards. For this reason, you can bring some cash in your handy bag.

Have yourself checked-up. If you have underlying condition or under medication, be sure to let your doctor know that you will be out for a tour. He will give you some medical instructions during your outdoor stay. If you are continuously taking medicines, place them in a separate compartment that can be easily accessed. It is also much better to bring extra medicines along with you.

Traveling is one means of family ties. It is much alluring to have a safe and sound outdoor tour with your family. To have an enjoyable moment together with your family, better plan your outdoor tour ahead considering the traveling tips above.

What You Need To Know About Travel Consolidators

When you buy a package deal from a travel site, most likely the people selling the package are travel consolidators. These are individuals who purchase a large number of tickets in bulk and then sell them for lower prices to the consumers. Because they buy airline tickets in such large quantity, they are able to secure substantial discounts. Consequently, they are then able to resell them to you for a savings in your wallet as well.

Through their negotiations with airlines and hotels, travel consolidators purchase a sufficient number of tickets that they have specific contracts because of their consistent purchases every month or week.

Airlines in particular seek such consolidators and hire them, usually to focus on a particular region or destination due to consumer interest in that part of the world. For example, most airlines have consolidators for larger and more populated cities, such as Las Vegas and Orlando. They usually select flights that are not likely to sell out and push those to their own customer base.

While consolidators are able to sell these tickets at lower prices, both they and the airlines still are able to make a profit. And since the end purchaser in the cycle receives inexpensive rates, it is a win-win scenario for all involved. Consolidators usually cater to a specific market, which can be students or even travel agents who then can resell the tickets as well. Some work strictly online for the best deals.

The only real negative in purchasing an airline ticket or hotel room from a consolidator is that you must buy your ticket based on flight times they have available. Customers therefore have a narrow range of options concerning flight times and available hotel rooms, and you are subject to their terms. However, if you are pretty flexible about when you fly and where you stay, you are certainly going to get a better deal in terms of how much you actually pay in the end. So that is the trade off.

Package deals are typically sold through consolidators, so it would not be unusual to spend your time flying and staying near other people buying the same fundamental deal.

All in all, it is a bargain to buy through a consolidator if you are willing to overlook the fact that you must fly their specific routes and stay within the limitation of their available hotels. But since the financial savings can be fairly substantial, cost-conscious vacationers are frequently willing to bite the bullet to save their money for other options.

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